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TriviaMaster v3.7

TriviaMaster is a program you can use in Paltalk, Yahoo and other chat programs to have fun with trivia questions that are send to the room. Now users can interact with the bot and answer. This program has many features. There is a pro version which you can get to have even more fun.

  • Score award increase, and take away from on each hint
  • Checks for new update on load
  • Minimize to system tray
  • Enable : text to speech

Version 3.7

  • Settings -> Score -> Clear all users score button


  • Banned issue
  • Long run memory issue

3 thoughts on “TriviaMaster v3.7”

  1. Stop Asking for Cracked Programs:

    We DO NOT allow or accept our Programs being Cracked and Posted on other Websites and Forums for free. And asking for Cracked Version of our Programs wouldn’t help either. Your Post will be Removed. All Programs by and posted on imFiles are developed by a a friend and a Developer on imFiles. To support the Developer we recommend that you buy the Full Version of TriviaMaster instead!

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