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I Still cant believe people are making programs paltalk i think the best thing i could have done was to leave paltalk lol i haven’t been on there in about a month now im like a Multi-Online gamer now left all the gay paltalk stuff go been wit paltalk since oct 1999 i should have been working for paltalk thats how long i was there the old paltalk was alot better being the software that is the green building it had no problems now there program is crap because paltalk people who make the software are noobs there always releasing a new version because they suck ass Yahoo doesn’t even do that yahoo team is got a nice program no spyware no admins to tell you what to do paltalk on the other hand are like the US Goverment they get into others business and judge others because of there beliefs i heard them and what they did to the muslims mediaoche to think he works for “D.A.R.E” wtf man i wont want my kid near a person like him who wants to judge muslims i myself would love to kick mediaoches beanner ass never seen a loser like him man thinking he is god because he could ban people who were using freedom of speech now im not muslim im Christian and i think its fucked up that people judge others Religion based of there beliefs and mediaoche is one of them fucking sad!