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oki doki, I asked first if there was one around the net ->

I asked first, because I was away for a month, and new versions of paltalk has been released, so I wasn’t sure there still some work, I wasn’t trying to “copy” your or the others programs…
and you are right, it is not that fast, I didn’t made it that it is always on top, and not with any Fkey…. but I think I am going to make something diffrent, like put the program inside the paltalk room (beside the add button or others) so it would be faster…

anyway, thank you for the ofer that you will give me a look at the sorce codes, but I know you code with vb and I code with c++, even when you can understand both…

anyway, I wasn’t trying to make th others upset or so, I just give it a try to make a tool for paltalk, as I didn’t done much with, so sorry if that hurt somebody : )